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Hell of training, tears and resolve from a KIA passion catcher

With temperatures reaching 27 degrees Celsius, catcher Shin Beom-soo was covered in dirt and sweating profusely on the field. With Battery Coach Kim Sang-hoon and Instructor Nakamura Takeshi looking on, Shin worked hard with other Kia catchers to practice throwing and catching at second base. On a field where you can’t help but feel the heat even if you’re standing still, Beom-soo Shin was so excited that he even let out a “yoo-hoo” as he practiced.

After the training was over, he sat down hesitantly on the ground as if he was exhausted. His enthusiasm hid his fatigue, and the KIA coaching staff smiled.

This would be the last time Shin Bum-soo would be seen in a KIA uniform.

As he entered the locker room after training, Shin was called by head coach Kim Jong-guk. After a short meeting, Shin’s face was still fresh from the visit, 카지노사이트 and his eyes were wet as he walked into the coaching room.

Shin Bum-soo left KIA after that training session.

The SSG Landers, who were looking for catcher reinforcements, called out Shin’s name in the third round of the second draft. After being removed from the 35-man protected list, Shin left Gwangju for Incheon, where he will begin the second act of his baseball career. SSG said, “Shin has first-team experience and can be utilized as a backup catcher. He can also help our offense,” SSG said, explaining the reasoning behind the selection.

Shin was selected by KIA in the 8th round of the 2016 Rookie Draft. He was the captain of Gwangju Dongseong High School and was drafted by his hometown team, KIA. This year, he made his debut in the first team, showing off his long bat. In 36 games, he batted 1.176 (15-for-88) with two home runs, 10 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.518. While his numbers weren’t quite up to par, he was expected to be a part of the backup competition with Han Joon-ju in the new season.

That’s why he was so determined in the final camp. “(Shin) Bum-soo prepared for the new season by changing his number,” said a KIA official. Instructor Nakamura also recently praised Shin, saying, “He still has a lot to work on, but I can see him improving.”

“I was a little bit prepared for it (being removed from the 35-man reserve list), but when I heard that I was going to go (to SSG) at the last minute, I was surprised and a little bit disappointed,” he said.

Shin Bum-soo is off the protected list despite high expectations.

KIA made a sobering choice for the future, and SSG chose him for the future. The move was inevitable for KIA, which has plenty of catching options, including starter Kim Tae-gun, backup No. 1 Han Jun-su, Kwon Hyuk-kyung, who is about to be discharged from the military, and Han Seung-taek Joo Hyo-sang, who is in talks with a doctor. Conversely, SSG, with a smaller catcher pool, expected Shin to have a better chance. “I think it’s a good opportunity because the team needs me,” Shin said. I’m going to think about it with a good heart.”

After returning to his hostel, Shin packed his bags for his return trip. On the 23rd, he returned home via Incheon International Airport, and will soon be wearing the SSG jersey in front of his fans.

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