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Greatest Pitcher Dinosaur Corps 1st Rookie’s Bold Goal

“I want to do better than senior Lee Jae-hak (who I respect the most). 

My big goal is to remain as the greatest pitcher for the NC Dinos.”

It was a word that conveyed the spirit of a rookie.

NC right-hander Younggun and Kim Hwigun revealed their bold ambitions.

Kim Hwigeon, who is from Changwon, a hometown of NC, and graduated from Gangwon Soyang Elementary School

Chuncheon Middle School, and Whimoon High School, is a right-handed pitcher who was selected by NC as the 5th overall pick in the first round in the 2024 rookie draft. 토토사이트

A fastball with a top speed of 153 km, which comes from his imposing physique of 191 cm and 105 kg, is considered his strength

Kim Hwigeon, who confidently said that he would support NC with his right arm when he was nominated.

NC also treated him generously, giving him a contract deposit of 250 million won.

Kim Hwi-geon, who later accelerated his adaptation to the professional ranks by participating in the educational league

was currently sweating hard at Masan Baseball Stadium

where CAMP 1 (final camp) of the NC C team (2nd team) was being held.

Kim Hwigeon said, “I think it’s good (to join NC).

I think this is the first time I have stayed in my hometown for a long time since I was in the first or second grade of elementary school (I transferred to Guam Elementary School in Changwon

Jungang Elementary School in Chuncheon, and Soyang Elementary School in Gangwon).

I think the air is good, unlike Seoul (laughs),” he said. “I pitched two games (in the educational league).

The results were good too. All were prevented with no runs. In the first game, I pitched well

but then got out of order and gave up two walks, but I still managed to block well.

The second game ended neatly with three batters,” he said with a bright smile.

The educational league has a deep meaning to Kim Hwigeon.

Although they were not first-team players, it was their first time pitching against professional players.

Although the sample was small, he was confident.

Kim Hwigeon said, “I think it came while I was throwing my ball.

I think I will have to face higher level hitters to find out. “It still seems worth doing,” he said.

He said, “I ran a lot so I rode a little. In addition to running, he is also practicing balance.

He’s doing defensive practice, etc. There doesn’t seem to be anything special.

I’m now on vacation for another 10 days, so I need to get in good shape,” he added.

No matter what anyone says, Kim Hwi-gun’s biggest advantage is his fiery fastball.

However, the control is still considered somewhat unstable.

Regarding this, he said, “Many people say that the downside is control, but I think it is ups and downs.

Only if we reduce the difference between good days and bad days, the problem with ball control will disappear,” he said.

On good days, even if you throw it randomly, you will get a strike.

When things are bad, there are a lot of balls that miss, so I pay attention to various things before throwing.

As a result, it seems to be getting worse,” he analyzed himself.

Kim Geon-tae, Team C’s pitching coach, is helping Kim Hwi-geon in both material and spiritual ways.

In particular, Coach Kim emphasizes ‘no mind.’

Kim Hwi-geon said, “Coach Kim Geon-tae was in charge of us and had us exercise, and he said

You should throw the ball without thinking.

Think of it as a target and think of it as a game of hitting the ball and throw it.

When I threw like that, it was good and comfortable to clear my head.” He expressed his gratitude.

Of course, we haven’t even taken the first step yet.

Full-scale pitching training begins in mid-January.

Kim Hwi-geon said, “Nothing technically has been done yet. There is about a month left before pitching.

There were no special instructions given by the coaches.

I’m just playing catch. “We will start pitching in mid-January,” he said.

He also cited competition as the biggest difference between high school baseball and the pros.

Hwigeon Kim said, “I think the competition is a little more fierce.

Even older brothers (in the 2nd team) have to beat their classmates next to them to get promoted (to the 1st team).

Even if you get to the first team, you have to beat your seniors to be able to play.

So it seems like everyone is working hard.

I feel motivated and work harder,” he said, clenching his fists.

NC, whom Kim Hwi-geon has supported since he was young, had a meaningful year this season.

Although they were classified as last-place candidates before the start of the season

they proudly entered the fall baseball season in 4th place. 

After gaining momentum, they created a sensation, advancing to the playoffs. 

Unfortunately, they did not advance to the Korean Series, but NC’s performance received applause from many people.

For Kim Hwigeon, this is a great motivation.

He said, “I went to the stadium and watched every fall baseball game in person. 

We kept winning, so the atmosphere was great and it was fun. Listening to these shouts

I thought it would be nice if it were me standing on the mound. “It looked fun,” he said.

I would be nervous and nervous (if I pitched with a lot of support), but I think it would be good.

There will be more and louder voices of support rather than boos or anything like that

so I think it will be a pleasant tension even though it will be tense,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

It has not yet been decided whether Kim Hwi-geon will join the first team’s spring camp.

If he goes to the first-team spring camp, he will bother(?) many seniors.

Kim Hwigeon said, “If I were to work out with the first-team guys

I would have a lot to learn and a lot to ask,” and “I’m trying to install a splitter these days, and I want to ask senior Lee Yong-chan about his know-how and other things.

If there is anything I can learn from other brothers

I want to ask them and take it from them and make it my own,” he said.

The reason he is learning the splitter is because he wants to add a falling breaking ball.

He already has a changeup and a forkball, but he says his control isn’t as good on bad days.

Kim Hwigeon said, “In terms of control, there weren’t many cases where two changeups and forkballs were used at once.

Of course, on days when conditions are good, both are good, but I felt like I had to think about it on days when conditions were bad,” he said.

It was easier to control the splitter than the forkball.

He aims to change his grip to a splitter and use it stably.

As for the changeup, I will gradually practice what I have now.

As you gain more years of experience, you will be able to see what is good and move in a good direction,” he explained.

The player Kim Hwi-gun wants to be like the most is right-handed sidearm Lee Jae-hak

a pitcher who is also the symbol of NC.

He entered the professional ranks wearing the Doosan Bears uniform in 2010 and is a franchise star who has only played in NC until this year after being selected by NC

which was a new team at the time, in the second draft in 2012. He has recorded 82 wins, 76 losses, 1 save, 1 hold, and 1,108 strikeouts in 285 games (1,321 innings) until this year.

Thanks to having spent a long time with NC since its inception, he holds all of NC’s first pitcher records. His career wins are also first.

Kim Hwigeon said, “Ever since NC was founded, I have been visiting the stadium and watching baseball games in person. At that time, senior Lee Jae-hak was there

 He also showed his respect by saying, “He won 10 games and as far as I remember, the NC ace was senior Lee Jae-hak,” and “He doesn’t look like me

but if I had to pick the senior I want to meet and respect the most, it would be senior Lee Jae-hak.”

In addition, he further expressed his bold ambition to go beyond Lee Jae-hak and leave a mark in NC history.

“I want to do better than senior Lee Jae-hak. My big goal is to remain as the NC Dinos’ greatest pitcher.

I want to break NC’s record for most wins (held by senior Lee Jae-hak) and move up to a higher position.” These were Kim Hwigeon’s words.

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