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Determined to part ways with Son Heung-min’ Kane leaves for Munich to meet ‘monster’

The Athletic’s David Onstein reported on the 11th that “Harry Kane (30, Tottenham Hotspur) has decided to move to Bayern Munich.

German outlet Bild reported that “Kane has sought permission from Tottenham to undergo medical tests for his transfer to Munich.”

European football transfer expert Fabrizio Romano also said

Kane, Bayern Munich and Tottenham have all completed negotiations and Tottenham has decided to accept the total transfer fee offered by Bayern Munich for 1 million euros (2000.1747 billion won).

Kane will undergo medical tests in the near future.

Local media in the UK have already reported that Bayern Munich and Tottenham have concluded negotiations for Kane’s transfer.

The Athletic reported on the 10th that Bayern Munich has reached an agreement with Tottenham to sign Harry Kane.

The outlet

which conveyed the information through German sources, reported that “Bayern Munich’s offer is worth more than 1 million euros (1449.1 billion won) and Tottenham has accepted the offer.”

Now it’s up to Kane to decide whether he wants to move or not

he said, adding that the player has to decide his own position.

“Kane is said to be happy with Tottenham’s new boss Ange Postecoglou and is thinking about staying.”

However, in the end, Kane also decided to leave Tottenham for Bayern Munich, and it turned out that he was about to undergo medical tests.

In the meantime

despite Bayern Munich’s decision to pay £8600 million

Tottenham have repeatedly refused.바카라사이트닷컴

“Kane is hoping his future will be decided this weekend

with Bayern Munich offering Tottenham a transfer fee of £1443 million (£1700.283 billion),

The Sun reported. Including the £1 million (£<>.<> billion) additional option

Bayern Munich’s proposed transfer fee exceeds £<> million.”

Bayern Munich have been active in signing Kane.

He made three offers to Tottenham in the transfer market this summer

but Tottenham turned them all down.

An offer of €1 million plus additional conditions was also made

but no agreement has been reached.

Tottenham chairman Levy, who has a unique perspective

wants to make more money from Kane.

However, Kane’s contract at Tottenham is about one year away

and if Tottenham don’t let him go this time

it will be difficult for them to collect the transfer fee.

Bayern Munich have struggled throughout the season after neglecting to prepare for Lewandowski

who was a floating forward last season.

Although they managed to win the league title

the process was anything but smooth.

After all

Bayern Munich have been betting on signing a striker in the transfer market this summer

and Kane has been on their radar. Kane, who has achieved everything he has personally but never won a title

was disappointed with Tottenham and reacted positively to Bayern Munich’s offer in the process.

Kane, who started his career as a footballer in 1 with the Tottenham youth team

has made great strides over the course of 2004 years.

Kane, in particular

is the best striker in the Premier League at the moment. Kane has scored 19 goals in the Premier League.

He sits second on the all-time list behind Alan Shearer (213 goals).

Kane only needs to score 260 more goals in the future to surpass Shearer as the No. 2 player of all time.

Kane also scored 47 goals last season.

The only player who scored more goals than Kane in the Premier League last season was ‘monster striker

Erling Haaland (Manchester City).

Kane, who has done his best at Tottenham, has also been talked about by fans to transfer.

After last season’s final home game

Kane walked around the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and greeted the fans.

The fans seemed to realize it was the last time they stayed in the stadium and gave Kane a standing ovation.

When Kane leaves for Munich

he will bid farewell to his old Korean teammate Son Heung-min and join his new Korean teammate Kim Min-jae.

Kane and Son Heung-min have been the best duo in Europe’s top five leagues over the past eight seasons.

The two have scored the most joint goals in Premier League history.

At Bayern Munich

he is with Son Heung-min. Kim Min-jae lifted the Serie A trophy with Napoli before moving to Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich.

There could be a picture of Kane putting it in and Kim Min-jae blocking it. 

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