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Blahovic Followed by Todibo Tottenham Urgently Needs No. 9 CBt

Tottenham Hotspur is making early contact to recruit Jean-Clair Todibo.

France’s Nice Martin reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Tottenham has included Todibo in its winter transfer market plans. Todibo is one of the many clubs watching.

Following French media, England also reported the news. Simon Jones, a reporter for Britain’s Daily Mail, said on the 18th, “Tottenham held talks to recruit Todibo.”

The reason Tottenham wants Todibo is simple. There is a lack of center backs. Tottenham, who recruited Mickey van der Pen from Wolfsburg this summer 카지노사이트랭크

displayed stable defense by placing him in the center back line with Christian Romero.

Romero showed better defense than when Eric Dier was there. The Chelsea match was played when the Van der Pen and Romero lines were stronger

but Van der Pen was injured and the center back line collapsed.

Coincidentally, Tottenham collapsed after the Chelsea match. They suffered a come-from-behind defeat to Wolverhampton and also lost 1-2- to Aston Villa.

The losing streak ended with a 3-3 draw with Manchester City. The struggles of Son Heung-min

Dejan Kulusevski, and others were great. Romero returned from suspension and Richarlison recovered

creating several options, but they suffered defeat again as they lost 1-2 against West Ham.

Tottenham, who had 26 points in the first 10 games, had only 1 point in the previous 5 games.

Although they recorded two wins in a row, it looks like they can now move out of the top 6 at the current mood. Let alone winning the championship

we may not be able to participate in competitions hosted by the European Football Association (UEFA).

Coach Enze Postecoglou formed a center back combination with Ben Davis and Emerson Royale instead of Dier when Romero was out due to disciplinary action.

Even after Romero returned, fullback Davis was used continuously. Davis is doing well, but it seems clear that center back reinforcement is needed.

Coach Postekoglou said in a recent interview, “The injury situation continues. We will try to recruit players in January.”

Tottenham, who prioritized recruiting center backs, targeted Todibo. Todibo was a French center back and was famous as the next Raphael Varane.

Todibo, who was active at Toulouse, raised expectations when he joined Barcelona, ​​but was unable to find a place and was loaned out. He went on loan to Schalke, Benfica, and then Nice.

He made a permanent move to Nice, settling in there and playing as a key centre-back. Although he is rough, his defensive skills are top notch.

He possesses both great height and speed, and is not pushed back even in contested situations.

As a regular starter at Nice, he played 40 games in the 2021-22 season, 46 games in the 2022-23 season, and 14 games in the 2023-24 season.

His covering ability is excellent and he has good feet, so he is having the best period of his career, having recently been selected for the French national team.

Tottenham are very interested. England’s ‘Football London’ also said on the 18th, “Tottenham spoke with Todibo while discussing plans for the winter transfer market with manager Postekoglou. Talks were held about the possibility of transferring Nice center back Todibo. Todibo is Tottenham’s first choice this winter. “It’s a target,” he said.

It’s not just Tottenham that wants Todibo. ‘Daily Mail’ said that Newcastle United and Manchester United also want Todibo. It is not easy to compete for a starting spot in any team, but Newcastle and Manchester United are as attractive as Tottenham.

The expected transfer fee is 39 million pounds (about 64.6 billion won). Todibo signed a contract renewal in November 2022 and has renewed his contract with Nice until July 2027. It is an amount that Tottenham, Newcastle, and Manchester United can easily afford to pay. In order to stay ahead of the competition, Tottenham appears to be starting talks now. It remains to be seen whether Todibo can change his mind early and get ahead of the recruiting competition.

Meanwhile, Tottenham is looking to recruit a striker along with a center back. After Harry Kane left, Son Heung-min was in charge of the front line and scored a lot of goals, but there were no options other than Son Heung-min. Richarlison is underperforming and it is unreasonable to expect Bellis. If Son Heung-min focuses more on creating chances like he did in today’s game, it should be finished, but the decision-making skills of other players are very disappointing. This is why Tottenham needs a frontline striker. There is a need to bring in a number 9 striker in the winter transfer market.

Director Postekoglou also acknowledged it. After the West Ham United game, he said, “The front line is very disappointing. If you want to score more goals, you need to have more influence up front. There are more problems up front than in other areas, and only when these are resolved will we make more progress as a team.” did. Regarding this, the UK’s ‘Football London’ said, “Coach Postekoglou’s will to bring in a striker in the upcoming transfer window is visible.”

Targeting Vlahovic. The UK’s ‘Team Talk’ reported 8, “Tottenham is trying to recruit Vlahovic by making an offer of 68.5 million pounds (approximately 113 billion won) to Juventus in January. Harry Kane’s transfer left a gap, and they plan to finally fill the void. “Tottenham want a centre-back to replace Mickey van der Pen and a new number 9 in the winter transfer window. Although Ivan Toni is a great player, they decided to switch to another target and chose Vlahovic.”

‘Team Talk’ then said, “Vlahovic is a player that Tottenham has been eyeing as a replacement since Kane was rumored to be transferring to Manchester City. Son Heung-min scored 9 goals and filled Kane’s absence, but coach Postekoglou feels that the front line needs to be strengthened. . Vlahovic is a perfect target and has a similar style to Kane. He will be an ideal signing for coach Postekoglou. It looks like he will be tempting Vlahovic with an annual salary of 12.8 million pounds (about 21.1 billion won). Vlahovic “It is not known whether this is a satisfactory proposal,” he said.

Vlahovic’s nickname is Serbian Bomber. He earned praise for scoring 21 league goals while playing for Fiorentina. As his performance continued the next season, Juventus signed him. He filled the void left by Cristiano Ronaldo, who went to Manchester United. Vlahovic has consistently played as a starting striker and scored 10 goals in Italy’s Serie A last season, but he fell short of his destructive power during his time at Fiorentina.

This season, Vlahovic is playing as a starter. He appeared in 12 Serie A matches and scored 5 goals. Tottenham plans to erase their worries by recruiting Vlahovic. If Vlahovic, the clear number 9, comes, coach Postekoglou’s strategy of playing aggressive soccer will gain strength and the burden on Son Heung-min will be reduced.

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