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A Misogynistic Song to EPL’s First Female Referee

 Amid a barrage of criticism and disparagement toward English Premier League referees

two spectators were arrested for singing a misogynistic song to the first female referee to act on the Premier League stage.

British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 26th (Korean time)

Two 17-year-old boys were caught by the police for singing a misogynistic song toward referee Rebecca Welch.

The police said, “The two boys were urgently arrested on charges of disturbing public order.”

Welch served as the first referee in the Manchester United-Fulham match in the 11th round of the 2023/24 Premier League on the 4th and was honored as the first female Premier League referee.

She is also a capable referee, refereeing three matches at the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup

which took place last summer. 

The Mirror gave a favorable review, saying, “Welch is a rising star of the British Association of Football Referees (PGMOL).”

Welch served as referee for the English Championship (Part 2) match on the 26th. 

The match was against Birmingham City

where England’s ‘supernova’ midfielder Jude Bellingham had a promising career.

Birmingham City is also famous for being the team managed by Wayne Rooney

who made a name for himself as Manchester United’s legendary striker last October.

Rooney has not achieved a win in five games since taking charge, posting a poor record of one draw and four losses

but he earned his first win on his debut with a 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday.

However, the glow of victory faded after an incident in which a spectator was arrested.

Additionally, it was reported that this incident occurred even though the club had already advised all supporters to respect the referee. 

A Birmingham City spokesman said: “Before the match against Sheffield Wednesday

we issued a statement asking the club not to disparage the referees.

We are extremely disappointed that this incident occurred and will take action in close consultation with the police.” 바카라사이트닷컴

The reason the club issued a statement demanding respect for referees was because Welch had previously heard a discriminatory song when he caught the whistle for a Birmingham City home game.

Before the game against Sheffield Wednesday, the club said

There were several reports that Welch listened to sexist and misogynistic songs the last time he was a referee at St.

Andrews (Birmingham City’s home stadium),” and added, “As soon as such hateful behavior is discovered, we will take action.

You will be expelled from the stadium,” the announcement said.

The police who arrested the two boys said, “The incident is in the nature of a hate crime,” and added

Starting today, a 16-day campaign commemorating ‘White Ribbon’ Day will be held, and it is regrettable that such a crime occurred on such a day.

White Ribbon’ Day is a day to celebrate the protection of women

held every year on November 25th. It is a memorial day created with the purpose of stopping violence inflicted by men on women.

Despite such a meaningful day, the fact that the two boys sang a misogynistic song and belittled the referee is considered a ‘failure’ both in terms of soccer and culture.

A Birmingham City official said, “Remarks and actions that promote or advocate discrimination and hatred may result in a ban from entering the stadium for up to five years,” and said they would take strong action to prevent additional crimes from occurring.

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