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Joo Soo-jin’s exclusive World Cup commentary on KBS.

In the 2010 U-17 World Cup quarterfinals, Joo Soo-jin scored the winning goal with a dazzling dribble to sink Spain.

She went on to win South Korea’s first Fifa title.

She was just 17 when she took the microphone at the victory celebration and showed off her hidden talent.

Thirteen years later, she’s in her thirties, and she’s back on the KBS microphone to report on the action at the Women’s World Cup.

Her commentary partner is Lee Young-pyo.

[“Lee Geum-min is definitely more serious, because he’s a really funny player, he’s a funny guy.”]

When the team departed for Australia on the 10th, I was at the airport to see them off, and I received a cheerful cheer from Lee Geum-min, who was also part of the winning team.

[Lee Geum-min: “You said you were going to commentate, (my sister), why? How? I hope you’re good as a commentator, so I hope you’re going to ‘p~~~’ and ‘win’. Go KBS!”]

Joo, who recently turned into an actress and performed in web dramas, plans to utilize her acting experience to provide lively commentary.

[Joo Soo-jin/KBS Soccer Commentator: “I’m excited about this dynamic life after retirement, and I’m challenging myself a lot. I’ve won a FIFA championship before, 먹튀검증 so I think I’m the best person for this FIFA World Cup (commentary)…”]

Vowing to convey the sweat and tears of all 23 members, Joo takes a seat in the KBS broadcasting booth from the first match against Colombia.

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